How I Know Malone Is A Good College

Charity Kasusuma

Malone University

April 26, 2017

Blessings Everyone:

I would like to take this opportunity of introducing myself to Malone University Discussion Board. My name is Charity Kasusuma a mother of four beautiful and intelligent young children. I am an Angolan Citizen currently living in Thailand and I am an International student. I recently received an acceptance letter from Malone University to study Creative Writing Bachelor’s Degree Program. I am truly honored, very happy and enthusiastic to begin pursuing my educational goals at Malone University. And I look forward to graduating within the specified length of my academic studies at Malone University. After graduating Creative Writing Bachelor’s Degree program, I plan to advance my education and study a Master’s Degree program at Malone University.

How I Know Malone Is A Good College

When I made the first phone call and spoke with Mr. Bob for a few minutes explaining about my interest of studying Creative Writing Bachelor’s Degree program at Malone University. His response to my questions and his concise explanation were extraordinary and well communicated and I deeply appreciate Mr. Bob for doing a precise work. At that moment I knew I was in good hands and good College. Mr. Bob wasn’t the right person that handles International Students academic matters but he managed to pass my information to the right person Ms. Linda Hoffman. Since then, Ms. Linda has been my counselor from the beginning of my application through the admissions. And I would like to express my deepest appreciation to Ms. Linda for being available and responding to my questions. She has and is serving an important role in my educational life.

This paragraph provides eight reasons of How I Know Malone University Is A Good College:

  1. Ms. Linda Hoffman and Mr. Bob are one of the great examples of how I know Malone University is a good college.
  2. Ms. Linda has been doing an excellent work, by keeping me up-to-date of all the activities and transformations Malone University is undergoing. And I am very aware that throughout our communications she wants to see me succeed my educational goals and not being left behind.
  3. The staff at Malone University provides good guidance of which person or department to contact if you have questions or needs help.
  4. The staffs at Malone University all strive to serve students better and assist students reach their ultimate goals.
  5. Malone is a good college because Malone University will prepare me for personal, spiritual growth and career readiness to serve my community and the world as a whole.
  6. Malone University is working hard and wants to make an outstanding college education affordable to every student and this has to be demonstrated by us students that we are capable of succeeding our educational goals set forth.